mm 7 Tips and Tricks for a Great First Date

7 Tips and Tricks for a Great First Date

Feb 4, 2015 AT 10:31 AM | BY PopnBuzz
(Photo credit: Getty Images)
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

You feel really distressed when the first date comes around the corner. Same questions appear again: Where should we go, what should I wear (because you aren’t certain what will the other part wear) and what to talk about.

Maybe we can’t tell you the exact words you’ll pronounce that night, because a person can never be certain what he/she’ll tell or maybe we aren’t a good help when it comes to first date dressing but we can certainly help you with the whereabouts of that great night.

Take some advice:

1. Meet at dinner – OK, so this is not cutting edge science but our advice is not to go to a 5 star restaurant, but rather choose a low-publicity place. You’ll be much relaxed, but don’t forget the money like it happened in the show ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’. Don’t embarrass yourself!

2. A sporting event- Remember those awful pauses when you’re not sure what is right to mention on the first date and what is not? Well, going to a sports event may solve this problem. Never mind what sport is in question – you’ll have something to talk about at the terrible silence moment.

3. ZOO – If you both are nature lovers then trip to a ZOO is going to be very much interesting and different; at least it’s going to be a great example for other people engaged in wildlife.

4. Picnic – Don’t have to look for a perfect dress and heels, or ties and suits. Just go to the park, enjoy the fresh air and relax – it can just be perfect!

5. Concert – You are into the same music? That’s a great place to start with. Buy tickets and ensure good ticket places. Even if you don’t have the same musical taste, it’s a great test to see if she/he will endure the music pain for you.

6. Lunch is a good option – Taking someone out for lunch is a great solution – it’s busy hour almost everywhere at any time, and you’ll have a lot of people around you. Even if you don’t click you can say that you’re in a hurry somewhere – it’s the middle day part.

7. Activity is a key – Think how great it would be to have a unusual but amazing first date; how about bowling or ice skating? , Mini golfing and roller skating is something that you’ll surely enjoy and something that makes you happy. The first date is going to be a success when you bring some activity to it.

We wish you good luck whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go. Don’t forget the money and put a smile on your face even if the first date isn’t going as well.

Happy First Date!