mm 8 Facts About Jennifer Lopez

8 Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Feb 4, 2015 AT 09:59 AM | BY PopnBuzz
(Photo credit: Gazette)
(Photo credit: Gazette)

If you’re not sure this is how many years we have known about Ms. Lopez : 20! Whenever the music world changes so does Jennifer to adapt herself. A lot of things about her are well-known because she isn’t publicly-shy but maybe after reading these interesting facts about her you’ll see that she is really a regular person, like you and me. Except for the millions.

1. A back-up dancer carrier

Maybe you didn’t know but Jenny started her carrier as a back-up dancer in ‘In Living Colour’ where she was noticed by Janet Jackson and New Kids on the Block. Afterwards, she went on tours with them and performed in Janet’s ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’videos.

2. Lawyer Jenny

Before becoming a star, she went to college to be a lawyer. She even worked in a law office. But dancing was her first and real love. In some interviews she stated that her mom, who wanted her daughter to do something ‘practical’, was the one that taught she should be a lawyer.

3. Rom-coms are her favorite

Yes, J.Lo loves rom-coms. She even starred in some them. Remember ‘Wedding Planner’? But as she said in some interviews, she also loves watching them because they say a lot about the relationship between a man and a woman and teach us to love the woman’s soul and not just her looks.

4. Jenny can be a role-model – she doesn’t drink or smoke

Even in her age she is known as one of the most beautiful stars. She thanks this to her decision not to drink alcohol or consume cigarettes. In an interview for PEOPLE magazine she says that, only time she drinks alcohol is when she’s celebrating something. And even then, she takes a sip!

5. To take or make a joke

It’s really great when a celebrity can take a joke. We saw in Ellen’s show how J. Lo makes jokes: she was interviewing two assistants and she made them repeat things as:

“What’s one of your favorite songs of mine?, ‘Is my beauty distracting?. During the show she wanted to be serious but by the end she was laughing as much as Ellen was.

6. Non-famous nicknames

OK- everyone knows about J.Lo and Jenny from the Block but there are 2 nicknames that aren’t that familiar in public. During her life in Bronx people called her ‘Supernova’ and ‘La Guitarra’. You already guess why: her figure was even then remarkable to people.

7. Jenny is Rihanna – a good impresenator

Well, she isn’t the real-deal Rihanna, but during a Saturday Night Live show she was a great Rihanna ‘copy-paste’. She impersonated even her ‘island voice’ and her parental advisory clothes. A show worth watching, right?

8. She fell down – twice!

Two weeks – and two falls. See- she can be clumsy as a lot of us regular people are. The hardest fall was in 2009 American Music awards when she fell on her great-shaped bottom. Guilty party? The high heels in which she wanted to jump high.

Conclusion? Don’t be ashamed if you don’t want to drink and there’s that society pressure. Follow your dreams if you’re certain in them. Take every joke – it’s always funny no matter what you’re laughing at.

Ms. Jennifer Lopez is a great role-model indeed!